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Chef Stefan Egger in an interview with the culinary magazine of the South Tyrolean Chefs.

In addition to the training as a chef and as an apprentice - trainer, our chef has also completed the training as a dietetically trained chef.
In this context, an interview was recently published in the trade magazine "Der Südtiroler Köchebote".

Here is a small excerpt:
What was the reason that you did the training as a dietetically trained chef?

At the time, we had a family with two children, five and seven years old as guests at the Schenna Resort. The mother of the children already made me know upon arrival that her two daughters have celiac disease/gluten intolerance. Personally, full of confidence and unconscious incompetence on the subject, I thought to myself: no problem. I was googling, so we prepared gluten-free pasta the way it was found on the internet. However, it was not written that I was not allowed to cook these noodles in the pasta stove together with the other noodles. The next morning, the mother of the daughters came to me, told me about the terrible stomach cramps of her children and complained about the preparation. That's when I realized: this is an area where solid training is absolutely necessary. When I started the training, everything was new country for me and I had to try very hard to understand everything. Halfway through the training, I noticed that each subject began to come together, and a holistic and understandable expertise emerged. With a very great amount of effort on the part of all the instructors at the „Kaiserhof Regional“ Hotel School, it was possible to convey everything to us as participants in such a way that, years later, a great deal is still very much present. But this is also because I need this knowledge every day in my work.