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Climate-friendly travel to South Tyrol by train

Train travel means getting on and leaning back, reading a book, having time for yourself and enjoying the passing scenery, and all that in a sustainable way.

Did you know that all guests of the Schenna Resort who arrive by train receive a Südtirol Mobilcard as a gift?

With the Mobilcard, all public transportation within South Tyrol, including regional and regional express trains up to Trento, as well as the Swiss PostBus between Mals and Müstair, can be used as often as desired.


The train is by far one of the most environmentally friendly means of transportation, and at the same time every way to South Tyrol is also a beautiful panoramic route.

Traveling by train is a convenient, fast and inexpensive alternative to driving your own car.

Located in the heart of Europe, South Tyrol can be easily reached by trains of the Austrian Federal Railways, the Swiss Federal Railways as well as the German Railways.

An overview of all rail connections to South Tyrol can be found at


The comfortable way directly to your favorite vacation domicile "Schenna Resort". Start your vacation completely relaxed.

PS: The Mobil card and bus tickets can also be purchased directly at the hotel.