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Does hiking make you HEALTHY and HAPPY?

"Hiking clears the mind, always puts a smile on your face and even a short walk in nature makes the whole day almost a vacation day" (hostess Heidi).

It is also scientifically proven: regular and moderate movement, strengthens the cardiovascular system. Studies have shown that it is enough to be in the nature to reduce acute stress. Longer lasting physical exercises in the "green" lower blood pressure, reduce the stress hormone cortisol and lead to an increase in stress resistance.

In addition, walking strengthens the immune system, stabilizes the musculoskeletal system and leads to an increase in respiratory volume and lung capacity.

Long-lasting walking increases the production of endogenous hormones and happiness messengers such as serotonin and dopamine as a result of a change in metabolism. This is associated with feelings of well-being and happiness, as well as the reduction of negative moods. The distance from everyday life, the intensive nature impressions let the spirit come to rest and open it for new ideas.

The movement, the fresh mountain air and the breath-taking beauty of the South Tyrolean mountains make the guided hiking and mountain tours by Michl Tschöll and hostess and hiking guide Heidi Pföstl-Wörndle, to true "EXPERIENCES FOR ALL THE SENSES". A highlight is also the hiking week with 5 guided tours.

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