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Schenna Resort
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Experience moments of peace and inner harmony.

There are always moments in life when you simply need to have a break and consciously take time for yourself. Treat yourself to this time-out with us at the Schenna Resort, your personal well-being is our top priority. Our warm spa team and the natural, homely ambience ensure pure well-being and bring body, mind and soul into harmony. For that extra portion of care, relaxation and a radiant appearance, our lovingly designed wellness and beauty program offers the right pampering treatment.

To make it easier for you, we have created wellness motifs along the flower of life.

Arrive and perceive yourself, in security and peace. Slow down the everyday life pace, feel your body here and right now. We have selected gentle massages and wellness treatments for you that will help you to calm down, release tension and perform a gentle reset.

Are you at the point where you want to free yourself from ballast and come into balance?
We have selected releasing and unburdening massages, rituals and care treatments for you that will support you in becoming calm and clear, focused and relaxed at the same time, and attaining more ease.

Are you ready for new strength and energy?
Our selected massages, rituals and care treatments help you to feel your own strength, have an invigorating effect, recharge your body, soul and spirit and help you to feel completely fit and full of energy.

Our experts are there for you with warmth, professionality and attention.