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Schenna Resort: your family-run hotel in Meran & Environs

Passionate hosts

Our family, now in its third generation, is pursuing a progressive and rewarding vision: to create a restorative and relaxing place where guests from near and far can feel completely at home. A place where you can enjoy and savour every moment and return to your everyday life feeling refreshed and content.

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Schenna Resort

Stefan Pföstl, passionate host and winemaker, with partner Michaela, who is responsible for housekeeping and their children, Lea and Raffael.

Schenna Resort

Heidi Pföstl Wörndle, hostess and good soul of the hotel, with husband Hubert Wörndle, who runs the Mitterplatt oasis of peace.
Son Peter works in the front office, son Florian is responsible for the service in Mitterplatt, and son Georg is in training and supports the service team.

Schenna Resort

Priska Pföstl, head of the SPA, is responsible for the awareness programme. As the founder of LEBENSGLÜCK, she is responsible for the seminars and coaching.

Schenna Resort

Senior managers Alois and Rosa Pföstl laid the foundation stone for today’s Schenna Resort with vision, willpower, and courage by establishing a small farmstead. They still happily support their children in the family business today.


This is what the Schenna Resort stands for:

  • Heart-centered, family-run for generations
  • Joy and motivation in the team
  • Innovative and down to earth
  • Cordiality is our motto
  • Holiday pleasure for body, mind and soul
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Our story

Our family has been passionate hosts for over 50 years. The Schenna Resort was created with a lot of vision, enthusiasm, and attention to detail. Tradition and modernity go hand in hand. Our activities are characterised by long-term values and responsibility towards our beautiful natural landscape and towards our employees.

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Everything starts somewhere…

  • 1966: Alois Pföstl, who started his own painting business at the age of 19, succeeds in buying the small Stinkbrunn farmhouse. At that time, our present hill was just a bare, rocky spot.
  • 1968: Alois opens the Pension Etschblick inn with the help of his parents and his sister Lisl. In 1969, he marries Rosa, the daughter of the Oberprantacher family from Angererhof.
  • Good years passed, the painting business is doing well, many hotels are built, and guests from near and far are drawn more and more to Schenna. Alois and Rosa are happy with their children: Heidi, Priska, Elisabeth and Stefan.
  • 1978: Purchase of the Pföstl Alm in St. Felix am Gampenpass. It serves as a retreat for the family for their summer holidays.
  • 1979: Construction of Hotel Schwefelbad begins. Because of the high interest rates, construction takes over two years.
  • 1981: Hotel Schwefelbad is finally open and managed with great commitment by Rosa and Alois as a family business. The children also help at an early age and soon discover their joy of being hosts.
  • 1990: First extension of the hotel towards the tennis courts
  • 1994: Purchase of Pension Mitterplatt inn – Hubert Wörndle, Heidi’s husband, was and still is in charge of the building with subsequent conversion of the rooms and acquisition of the surrounding vineyards
  • 1996: Peter, the first grandson, was born, followed by Florian in 1997 whose parents are Heidi and Hubert. The next grandson, Thomas, was born in 1999 and is the son of daughter Elisabeth and her husband, Franz Pföstl, owner of the butcher’s shop and Pföstl delicatessen. Between 2000 and 2002, three more grandchildren were born: Michael and Daniel, the twins from daughter Priska and Lukas, as well as Elisabeth’s second son.
  • 2000: Major renovation of the hotel with underground parking, dining room, bar, suites, rooms, and our rock wine cellar. Stefan’s collector’s spirit is awakened.
  • 2002: Georg, the seventh grandson, was born – Heidi’s and Hubert’s third son.
  • 2003: Extension of the hotel on the 3rd floor – our new deluxe rooms are added. Hubert’s first wine cellar is introduced this year.
  • 2004: Purchase of the neighbouring Hotel Rosengarten, which Heidi manages as a family hotel.
  • 2005: Acquisition of the vineyard under Schloss Goyen and first wine cellar by Stefan
  • 2006: Creation of Schenna Resort to merge the businesses and present them as a single entity.
  • 2007: Launch of the Steff brand – laying the foundation stone of Stefan’s wine cellar
  • 2009: The Messner meadow next to the hotel becomes a vineyard with a fixed barbecue and buffet area furnished with handcrafted chestnut wood seating. The massage pavilion in the Mitterplatt vineyard opens.
  • 2010: Purchase of a fallow orchard on Schennastraße street above the Rosengarten and founding of a vineyard
  • 2011-2012: Construction of our new Hotel Mitterplatt, our oasis of peace. Plans for conversion and reconstruction of Hotel Rosengarten are underway. After seven years of planning, the reconstruction of Hotel Rosengarten is completed within seven months (October 2015 – May 2016). The most important data: Construction time – 7 months, demolition of the old Hotel Rosengarten – 3 weeks, excavation of 13,000 m³ of rock, and realisation of 32,000 m³ building volume.
  • 2019: Construction of eight new suites at Hotel Schwefelbad and complete renovation of the facade.
  • Purchase of the neighbouring apple orchard between Etschblick and Mitterplatt
  • First plans for restructuring Etschblick, our parents’ house
  • 2020: Demolition and new construction of the main house Etschblick
  • 2021: April, cessation of construction by the building authority of the municipality of Schenna
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